Centering Prayer

Centering Prayer is a form of contemplative prayer.

A silent type of prayer that is not so much about asking God for help or forgiveness or guidance, but about receiving and experience the presence of God


• Find a quiet space. You might even set up a specific space for the purpose of prayer.

• Sit in a way the is comfortable for you. In a chair, on the floor, whatever makes your body comfortable and still allows your mid to be alert.

• Gently close your eyes.

• Visualize your heart opening to receive the presence of God

• Whenever you become aware of a thought, no matter what its nature, let it go. I have found it helpful to picture a blank screen and when thoughts come up on that screen, I just gently swipe them to the side. Being gentle with yourself is really key to centering prayer. No one does it “well” the first time. It is definitely a prayer practice. 

• To help you focus, you may want to chose a sacred word. You might choose a name for God (creator, redeemer, maker of all things, spirit) or words that signify the state you wish to achieve (love, peace, stillness). Note that these are not mantras to be repeated over and over, but words to come back to when your mind wanders.

• You may want to begin slowly and build gradually if you are new to this practice. Try five minutes at first, and then increase to 10 and then try to get to 20.  Don’t give up on this practice too soon. You want to give it a try for at least two weeks to see if it is a practice that works for you.

Centering Prayer Resources

Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening by Cynthia Bourgeault

Centering Prayer App, offers guided Centering Prayers and allows you to set different time limits and approaches.