FAQs about DB Membership

Who can belong to Doubting Believer?

Everyone is welcome.  We are a Christian community, but folks who are still trying to figure out if they want to be Christian are welcome. We are welcoming and affirming of LGBTQ+ people, and hope to hear from many different voices.

Why is there a fee for a faith community?

Websites, email services and content cost money, and rather than spend the time soliciting donations or organizing pledge campaigns, I’ve opted to have people simply pay a set fee that frees me to do ministry rather than fundraising. Plus, we want people who are committed to being part of the community, and people who have some skin in the game tend to be better participants.

Can I get kicked out of Doubting Believer?

Sadly, yes. You can. Certainly there will be debates and disagreements, but we reserve the right to cancel the membership of anyone who makes racist or homophobic statements  or derogatory or inflammatory comments about another member’s beliefs.

Can I really cancel at anytime? 

Yes. At any time you decide the community is not for you, you can email anne@doubtingbeliever.com to cancel your subscription.