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Be Not Afraid

Be Not Afraid

We are not called to a life of fear. Be reminded of who and Whose you are.

Chill Out Challenge

Chillout Challenge

Life is more than stressful right now. Use these tools to help you chill out.

I am Loveable and Capable

10 Reasons why you are Lovable and Capable

Life and others will try to convince you that you’re not, this is a reminder that you are indeed lovable and capable. Scripture says so.

Seven Steps to Saying What You Believe

Seven Steps to Saying What You Believe

Have trouble sharing what you believe? Take these seven steps to crafting a faith statement you can share.

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Lent on Lockdown

Lent on Lockdown: Reclaiming the Holy in Your Home

40 Days of

Scripture, Relfection and Prayers

Focused on spaces and places in your home

The Intentional Encourager

You Got This: The Intentional Encourager

The world needs more encouragement. Learn how to be intentional about encouraging the other. Change lives. Become an intentional encourager.

Pulling it together

Pulling it Together in a World that’s Falling Apart

Five simple shifts

Three Hacks

Two Good Things 

Light Up the World

Light Up the World

Re-ignite the fire in your soul and light up this world that spends way too much time in the dark.

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Two-Hour Mini Retreat

Dealing with Anxiety

Dealing with Free-Floating Anxiety

Hamilton and the Bible

Hamilton and the Bible

Romans 12

Romans 12 Guide to Life