Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina is the divine liturgy. There are typically four steps to the Lectio Divina. The following is my take on it, but you can find a more classical approach here. 

  1. Read–take a passage of scripture (I like to keep it to 10 verses or under) and read through it.
  2. Reflect–read the passage again and begin to reflect on what God is saying to you. This is different from Bible study. Don’t try to analyze or identify interesting points. Focus on how the passage is speaking to you.
  3. Respond–Read the passage a third time. I like to circle or highlight words that pop out at or appeal to me and write those down on a piece of paper. Sometimes I turn them in to a written prayer or simply focus on one or two the words. 
  4. Rest–Take some time to sit quietly and let God’s word to you soak in.