Little Rock Cast Your Vision Workshop

Date: July 11

Time: 6-9 p.m.

Location: Grace Presbyterian Church, Little Rock

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Before I head out to the big city I wanted to do this one last workshop here in Arkansas.
(Note: this is NOT about making a collage. I’ve made a lot of those. No glue even comes out until the last third of the workshop. This about creating clarity, being intentional and creating a visual representation of those intentions. I know it sounds a little woo-woo, but it can be some powerful stuff.)

So, invest a little in yourself and come a join me for one last workshop in Arkansas.

If you say, “Someday I’ll…” or “One day when I…” or “I’d really love to be…” on a regular basis, come and join us for this workshop. Get some clarity on what it is you really want and create some intention around making it happen.

At this workshop, you’ll get:

Permission to dream
Clarity on those dreams
Time to pray or meditate
Space and time to cast a vision
Tools to create your own vision board
Your own vision board to take home so that you can keep your attention on your intention

All materials provided. Strong possibility of snacks. Door prices, most definitely. Feel free to share and invite friends.

Tickets available here. 

Hope to see you there.