I’m a Christian and Not Ashamed to Admit it…with stipulations

I keep seeing posts on Facebook of people declaring that they are not ashamed of Jesus Christ and challenging me to repost if I am not ashamed of being a Christian.  I never repost those ...

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Who Doesn’t Love Pie?

I love pie. I love movies about pie. If you haven't seen the 2007 movie Waitress with Kerri Russel and Nathan Fillion, you should check it out. I love this song about pie in the John Travolta movie ...

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Your Rights Aren’t Worth It

Another 10 people dead How many does that make now? Hundreds? Thousands? Hundreds of thousands? I give up. If the slaughter of little children at Sandy Hook didn't affect radical change, why should the deaths of some community college students make ...

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Justified and Ancient…or is that Anxious?

(aka What's the Difference between Justification and Sanctification?) Surely in the annals of the history of music so bad it’s good, there is a place for that weird collaboration of British Band KLF and country music ...

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prayers, real people

Real Prayers for Real People

It has occurred to me that, because I'm a "trained professional," that people may have some pre-conceived notions about how I'm praying when I tell them I'm praying for them or their loved ones. Spoiler alert: I ...

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Be Quick to Listen

James 1:17-27 Martin Luther really hated the Book of James. He called it a “right strawy epistle… for it has no gospel in it.” And you can see his point. Jesus Christ, is mentioned only twice in ...

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