Prayer Journaling

You can use any kind of notebook for your prayer journal. Some people like a special journal that stays in one place for journaling each day. Others like a small notebook that they can take wherever they go and jot down prayers as they come.  It is good to have a bound notebook so that you can keep your prayers together, rather than using loose bits and pieces of paper.

Just write stream of consciousness. This is not for a grade or for anyone but you and God. It does not always have to make sense. I like to set a timer for my journaling time, as sometimes I’ll think I’ve written all I have to say, but if I sit with it a little longer, more will emerge.

Here are a few different approaches to prayer journaling

Journal thanks. It is well documented that pausing each day to acknowledge what we are grateful for makes us healthier and happier people.  Bonus of the journal is that on days when it’s hard to be thankful, you have days and days of gratitude to look back on.

Journal scripture. Read a passage of scripture and journal your thoughts on it. Journal the questions that come up. The images it evokes. How it makes you feel, etc.

Journal your concerns for others. It so easy to say “I’m praying for you” or to simply add those little prayer hand emojis to a FB post, but writing down prayers for people is a way of making good on your claim and reminding yourself each day who you are praying for.

Journal your dreams. Write down and pray your dreams for the world, for your family and friends, for your church and for yourself.