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What Baking (or something else) Can Do

Yesterday was National Pie Day (not to be confused with the March 14 National Pi Day). I love pie. Does anyone not love pie? I got to see the ultimate pie musical Waitress for the second time this past weekend. It's based on a movie by the same name that has been a favorite of mine for years. Shortly before the film premiered, Adrienne Shelley, the woman who wrote, directed and ...

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Instructing Ourselves in Joy

Joy is something that sees quite elusive these days. Outrage, indignation and anger are readily available, but joy seems in short supply. These words of poet Mary Oliver are resonating with me today, particularly her thought that what she was born for was to instruct herself over and over in joy and acclamation. Mindfulby Mary Oliver Every DayI see or hearsomethingthat more or less kills mewith delight,that leaves melike a needle in the haystackof ...

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