Encouragement 101

How you can save the world and yourself through the power of encouragement.

Encouragement is what fuels all other good stuff that happens in this world.

Encouragement is what keeps the social justice warriors from throwing in the towel.

Encouragement is what keeps parents from running off to join the circus.

Encouragement is what keeps inventors and innovators from giving up after failing one too many times.

Encouragement is what keeps our children dreaming and growing and becoming.

Encouragement 101 can be done in a 30 minute talk or a two-hour workshop.

How to Share Your Story

Many of us do not have an “aha” moment when we  can say, “This is the moment I became a Christian.” So what is the story we tell when people ask us why we are Christian? What is the story we tell to encourage people to become Christians?  This two-to-three hour workshop will help you craft your own faith story and create a concise statement of faith that you can share with others.

Casting and Living Into a Vision for Your Life

A full-day workshop using the power of the vision board to explore where God is calling us, where we find our joy and what we want to be when we grow up.  Using scripture, meditation and images, this day-long workshop will help attendees gain clarity on where they want to be and who they want to become and leave with a tangible piece of art to guide their intentions going forward.

Community Building 101

Have a group (church, club, org, business) that behaves like a collective of individuals rather than a cohesive group?  Trust falls and ropes courses not your thing?

This half-to-full-day workshop uses active learning and play to bring your group together.

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