Who Doesn’t Love Pie?

I love pie.

I love movies about pie. If you haven’t seen the 2007 movie Waitress with Kerri Russel and Nathan Fillion, you should check it out.

I love this song about pie in the John Travolta movie Michael.

Comedian Jim Gaffigan is a fan of cake and says that pie just can’t compete. “Put candles in a cake, it’s a birthday cake. Put candles in a pie, someone’s drunk in the kitchen.”

But everyone loves pie. Maybe not everyone loves every pie, but everyone has a favorite pie. Is there anyone who doesn’t eat pie at all? I have a great recipe for sugar free pie if blood sugar is an issue.

We do this annual fundraiser at our church called P3–Pork, Poultry and Pie. To be honest, the pie got added for alliteration purposes. We decided that a roast pork dinner would be a good idea. Then someone mentioned that not everyone eats pork and suggested that we add chicken. But we needed a name. A catchy title. Adding pie to the mix did the trick.

And while the roast pork and chicken are always delicious, it’s the pie that people  really get excited about. In a world where fast food is the order of the day and people cook less and less, there’s something almost magical about a table full of homemade pies. Okay, maybe not magical, but at the very least, comforting and reassuring.

It’s always the perfect mix of tradition and innovation. There will be the beloved standard apple pies, pumpkin pies and various chocolate pies. But there will also be at least one pie you’ve never tried before, and another full of ingredients you never would have thought to put together in a pie but come to realize that you are glad someone did.  And this is the one dinner built around meat that is also a vegetarian’s dream–because the vegetarian option is, of course, pie.

Perhaps I will decide to give up meat come November 7.

If you want to join us, you can get tickets here.

And if you want to bring a pie to share, that would be great, too.

After all, everybody loves pie.



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