A White Mother’s Prayer

I am feeling heartbroken and hopeless in the face of continued violence against unarmed Black men in our country. This is the prayer I’ve been praying today. Hoping that prayer will lead to discernment and discernment will lead me to action.

Dear Maker of All,

I don’t know how they do it. The mothers of sons whose skin is brown or black. How do they stand to let them out the door in the morning…or worse, at night? Give them strength, O God. Grant them the tenacity to cling their faith and the audacity to hold on to the hope that we can do better.

Help us to do better.

Watch over those lanky,loud and laughing boys who spill out of my daughter’s high school every afternoon with their bright sneakers and dangling earbuds. May they not encounter trouble on their journey home.

Protect those adorable little boys who use up every ounce of self-control to walk (rather than run) through the hallways of the elementary school near my church. Move us to create a world where they have no need to fear those in authority as they grow into young adults.

Help us all, but especially those who carry guns, to re-write our narrative of what constitutes a “bad dude.” Help us to see one another as Your beloved children instead of potential perpetrators.

Let us not be silent.

Let us not make excuses.

Let us not relax into the comfort of knowing that our blond-haired, blue-eyed children have nothing to fear.

Lead us beyond words and into action to create a better world for all of our children.


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