The First Weekend in October

In my little world, the first weekend in October means it’s time for two things: World Communion Sunday (when our congregation ditches the sanctuary and worships outside at a local park) and the turning over of my closet. It’s not a major endeavor. Most of my clothes I wear year round–jeans, t’s, even some sweaters–but twice a year I pull down the green Rubbermaid container that holds my most fall/winter or my most spring/summer clothes and switch one out for the other.

Yes, it’s a little early. Afternoons are still pretty warm, but sometimes (especially here in Arkansas), you have to give the change of seasons a little boost. I like to imagine that by changing out a few hangers, I’m doing my part to usher in cooler temperatures.

This weekend I swapped out linen for wool, sundresses for sweater dresses and printed tops for plaid tunics. It’s always a little bit like Christmas. Okay, maybe not Christmas, but at least like getting a surprise package in the mail. Even though I’m the one who packed everything away last season, I still get surprised by by what I find. It just takes changing out a few pieces to feel like I have an entirely new wardrobe–and I haven’t spent a dime. That’s at least as fun as an unexpected package, right?

Second Corinthians 5:17 tells me that in Christ I am a new creation. The old has been put away and new life is here. Some people think that is a one and done statement, but for me, the swapping out of the old me for a new (and renewed me) happens year after year after year…just like the changing out of my closet. I need to put away the me of last season to see what the next season has in store. To pull out those things that I love about myself and my faith that I may have forgotten. To finally get rid of those things that have just taken up space and never really fit right anyway.

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