A Prayer for Election Day

Gracious and loving God,

Today, we give thanks that we live in the United States and for the freedoms and rights we often take for granted.

We are grateful for the right to vote, and we honor those who sacrificed so that we might each have a voice. May we never take the privilege for granted.

We ask that You would help heal the deep divisions that exist in our country. Help us come together to solve the problems we all face.

We all want:

•  jobs for people who need them

• food for children who are hungry

• care for the sick, the elderly and the disabled

• a bright future for the next generations

Help us to put our differences aside and work together to make these dreams a reality.

May all Christians bear witness to our faith in God and commitment to Christ by loving one another, even when we don’t agree.

Maker of us all, be with us in the coming days and weeks and months, and help us focus on all that connects us rather than on the things that divide us.

In the name of the Creator and the Christ and the Holy Spirit,


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