Why the Hipster Nativity Scene is More than Okay

Modern Nativity has come up with a hipster nativity scene to showcase what it might look like if the baby Jesus arrived in 2016.  Mary and Joseph are taking a selfie and the wisemen arrive on Segues bearing boxes from Amazon.

There are those who have been a little outraged (if one can be a little outraged) at what they consider a sacrilegious scene. How dare they turn Mary and Joseph into narcissistic Instagram users or portray the wisemen in skinny jeans bearing Amazon boxes?

But I have to applaud the effort. After all, Mary and Joseph and the shepherds and the wisemen were not religious icons when this all went down. They certainly had no idea that 2000 years later, people would be displaying figures of their supposed likenesses in homes and business and churches all over the world. They are just regular people. People who knew that they were somehow involved in something miraculous, but had no clue as to how big it would all actually become.

To imagine what the scene might look like today–even in a satirical way–is a great reminder that God uses regular people to make good on God’s promises. It was true 2000 years ago, and it’s still true today.

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