In Praise of the Summer Youth Conference Sponsor

The unsung hero of the summer conference season–the adult sponsor.  This is for you.

This is for:

The ones who give up vacation, income and time with family to bring youth into Christian community

The ones who spend nights on rickety cots and under inflated air mattresses

The ones who drive the vans filled with stinky teenage boys and giggly teenage girls

The ones who who can’t believe they have to do one more trust fall.

The ones who fear they will start screaming if they have to do the Revolution energizer one more time

The ones who deal with the sunburns and scrapes as well as teen angst heartache

The ones who have perfected that you-better-straighten-up-right-now look that can reach across even the most crowded of rooms.

The ones who know all the verses to Sanctuary. 

The ones who know to expect chicken fingers on the first night.

The ones who can make s’mores blindfolded.

The ones who valiantly stay awake until the young people in their care are safely tucked in bed.

The ones who selflessly give of themselves, share their faith and love the young people who are the church.

Thanks be to God for the weird and wonderful essential personnel of the summer youth conference season.

May there be stars in your crowns.


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