10 Women who Were the First People to Achieve Historic Milestones

On this International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating 10 women who were the first in their field–not the first women, just the first.

Annie Edison Taylor –first person to go in a barrel over Niagara falls (okay, perhaps this doesn’t fall into the category of “historic,” but it’s still cool.)

Marie Curie –first to win Nobel Prizes in Two Different Fields (chemistry and physics)

Lady Gaga—first to have 30 million Twitter followers

Lady Gaga

Margaret Knight—invented the paper bag machine

Shirlye Dinsdale—Emmy Award

Roberta Bondar—first neurologist in space

Shirin Ebadi—First Iranian to win a Nobel Prize (also first Muslim woman to win) 

Tatyana McFadden—first person (male or female/able bodied or disabled) to win the Boston, Chicago, London and New York marathon in the same year.

Tatyana McFadden

Althea Gibson—the first person of color to win the French open

Lise Meitner—discovered nuclear fusion

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