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Five Prayers You Can Use Right Now

Often, we think we are just too busy to pray, and when we do pause to think about prayer, we don’t know what to say. Don’t fret. Start your week off right with these prayers in your metaphorical back pocket and pull them out when you need them. (They can be used independently, together or in connection with other prayers of your choosing.)

  1. Prince of peace, please help me cling to my non-violent principles today and not haul off and hit that annoying guy/girl in the next office/cubicle/house/desk.
  2. Light of the world, I’m going to trust that Your light will shine through me, as I’m not feeling very shiny today.
  3. God of abundance, feel free to knock some sense in to me when I start to complain about the petty and inconsequential things I tend to complain about.
  4. Maker of us all, help me to not obsess about my imperfections and revel in the wonderfulness of the me You created.
  5. Loving God, help me to see You in the faces of everyone I meet—particularly in those I’d rather just avoid altogether.

May these and other prayers help you get beyond enduring your week and move in to enjoying it.



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