If this can catch on…

It’s back. Today is the annual Talk Like a Pirate Day. A fine tradition that dates all the way back to 1995. The day was founded by a bunch of guys goofing off and talking like pirates while playing racquetball ((one has to imagine there was alcohol involved).  They chose today’s date because it was the birthday of one man’s ex-wife, and it was the only date he could remember off the top of his head.

The day was pretty much celebrated “in house” until around 2002 when one of the original racquetball playing pirate gang got ahold of columnist Dave Berry’s email address and convinced Dave that this should be a thing, and that Dave had the power to make it happen. And quirky columnist bit. You can read the original column here. 

If you are on any type of social media, you will, no doubt, see references to talking like a pirate all day long.  There is a website, a Facebook page as well as a Facebook group of people who talk about talking like a pirate year-round and don’t just limit their pirate fun to one day.

So my question is this, if a handful of guys goofing off while playing racquetball can create an international sensation with something as (I’m saying it) ridiculous as Talk Like a Pirate Day, what day could we come up with? Yes, I know Christians already have a lot of days. Christmas, Easter, Feast Days (depending on your tradition) and all sorts of other liturgical days like Pentecost, Ascension Day, etc.

But where is the day that celebrates the journey, the struggle, the ups and downs of Christian life? Where is the day that says, “we’re hanging in there” or “the struggle is real, but worth it?”

What would that day look like? What would we call it? When would we celebrate? How would we celebrate? Why would it be fun?

Send your suggestions in the comments and help Doubting Believer come up with a day that celebrates Christianity and make it as least as popular as a talking like a pirate. I think we can do it.


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