More Found Prayers

When you’re getting ready to move, you find all sorts of treasures–photos, forgotten clothing, misplaced jewelry. I’ve been finding prayers–tucked into books, scrawled in notebooks, drafted into liturgies. I found this one that I once used for a children’s message, but (like all good children’s messages), I think it’s a good prayer for any age.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t write it, so if anyone knows who did, I’d love to give attribution.

Clench your fists as tight as you can and say these words:

We hold onto power, we hold onto greed.

We hold onto things we don’t really need.

We hold onto hatred, we hold onto fear,

And close ourselves off till we can’t feel you near.

Now release your hands and let out a deep breath:

Open our hands, Lord. Help us let go.

Open our minds so your justice may flow.

Open us up so your peace can pour through,

And make our hearts ready, so we can hold YOU. Amen.

May we all let go of the things we don’t need to make room for all that Christ has to offer in our lives.

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