Send Us a Uniter

Gracious God,

This United States is so very divided.

We desperately need uniters.

Send us leaders who recognize the plight of the white, rural family farmer and of the brown, urban small business owner…and seek to help both.

Raise up leaders who value the work of the bus driver as much as that of the board member.

Give us leaders who will be truly pro-life, making sure all of our children have healthcare, good educations and safe places to thrive.

Present us with leaders who respect and trust women.

Deliver us leaders who build up others instead of looking for ways to tear them down.

Bring forth leaders who will listen to others, admit when they are wrong and learn from mistakes.

Show us leaders who will fight for the rights of all of our citizens: white, brown, black, straight, gay, cis, trans, non-binary, differently-abled, rich, poor and everyone in between.

Send us leaders who refuse to spew hate, but insist on handing out hope.

Gracious God, we know we need to do our part.

To love more and hate less.

To listen more and talk less.

To vote.

But we need people who can cast a vision for a country that is great for everyone and help take us there.

Send us uniters God. Help us to truly be the United States of America.


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