A Prayer for a COVID-19 Mother’s Day

I’ve been using the same Mother’s Day prayer for years now. I’ve adjusted it this year to reflect our realities.

May we mindful of the myriad of emotions Mother’s Day stirs up for people we love–especially this year.

Today we pray for moms.

We pray for the moms who bake cupcakes, wait in car lines, pack lunches, juggle sports schedules and preside over petty playground squabbles.

We pray for moms who are essential workers and must leave their children in the care of others while they serve in hospitals, ambulances, grocery stores, delivery trucks, firehouses, police stations, busses and subways.

We pray for the moms who struggle to feed their children, worry for their safety and hope for a better tomorrow.

We pray for moms who never intended to be stay-at-home moms and find themselves at home…and at work…trying to get it all done.

We pray for moms in nursing homes and assisted living facilities who cannot receive visitors, and for moms with health conditions that prevent them from risking hugs from their children and grandchildren.

We pray for moms who fiercely advocate for children with special needs in this time when many services are cut off or reduced. Give them the strength and wisdom to be teacher, therapist, nutritionist and medical manager as well as bedtime story teller and snack supervisor.

We pray for the moms who have lost their children and children who have lost their mothers.

We pray for moms who wonder what they could have done differently and those who know exactly what they should have done differently.

We pray for moms who have morphed into teachers and for teachers who are transforming the way they do school while at home with kids who are also doing school. May they all master the art of juggling and be blessed with infinite amounts of patience.

We pray for reconciliation for moms who are estranged from their children.

Today, we thank God for moms.

Thank you for moms who hug and encourage and guide us along our way.

Thank you for moms who put in the blood, sweat and tears to make life work–day in and day out.

Thank you for moms who have paved the way for future generations of women.

Thank you for moms who have raised men and women who make a difference every day.

Thank you for all women who have acted as a mother to us over the years when we needed them the most.

Thank God for moms. Amen.

Rev. Anne Russ is an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA), currently based in New York City. Doubting Believer provides tools and encouragement for the rollercoaster ride of your faith journey. Follow me on Facebook , Instagram and YouTube. You can also follow on TikTok. Get emails to keep up with all that is happening.

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