Prayers of the People

Gracious God,

You must get so weary with all our thoughts and prayers.

You must wonder why there’s been another shooting and still no one is going to do a damn thing to stop the next one.

You tell us over and over again to “be not afraid”…and yet we persist in our fear.

You must be grieved that we put much more time and energy trying to keep people out than we put in to caring for our neighbor.

We know that this is the day that you have made, but cold, gray winter days make for gray moods.

It is hard to rejoice on days like these.

But do not let our hearts go the way of the weather.

May friends gathered at the table, unexpected kindnesses and unabashed displays of delight from the youngest among us warm up our souls and give us glimpses of your kingdom.

May a little hibernation be just what we need to gather up the strength and the energy to love and seek justice for one another.

Stick with us, God. Even when we aren’t being terribly gracious or grateful or giving.

Believe that we do, indeed, have it in us to become the people you created and called us to be.

In the name of one You sent to save us all, Amen.


Rev. Anne Russ is an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA). You can follow Doubting Believer on Facebook. and Anne on Instagram. 

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